FMEC Global Health is excited to be launching a storytelling initiative.

Why storytelling? Storytelling is essential to the human experience and has been practiced throughout history. We have the unique ability to construct the moments in our lives into a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end while putting our unique slant on it. This act of storytelling is one of the most effective and captivating ways to communicate with each other. Read More

Family Med. Global Health Leadership Initiative

Family Physicians have a special interest in supporting sustainable development in the developing world. The first world has a great deal to offer people and communities in third world nations. There are Family Medicine organizations in the NE region with on-going relationships with the clinical, public health and medical education systems in Honduras, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Lithuania, Brazil, India, Costa Rica, Russia, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador (to name just a few countries). This project creates a virtual network of people and organizations working collaboratively to improve the life of the poor in third world countries


a) To form a collaborative network of people and organizations interested in reducing the burdens of extreme poverty by improving the health of people and communities in third world countries;

b) To develop consensus about strategies and methods (best practices) that can lead to sustainable development in International Health improvement efforts;

c) To introduce the next generation of health professions leaders to models that incorporate sustainable development strategies in their operations;

d) To inform the people and organizations interested in improving the health in third world communities how they participate in and support this effort;

e) To raise funds to support the development of the network and the various projects supported through the network.

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For more information, contact:  Laurence Bauer, MSW, MED