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FMEC Organizational Membership

Health System Partners

Introduction: To support and sustain the important and unique work of the Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC), we invite health systems to become a member of the FMEC. We offer three levels of recognition with the following associated benefits:

To join FMEC as a Health System Partner:
Please reach out to Larry Bauer | Phone 937-478-6039 or
Register online FMEC Organizational Member

President’s Level ($25,000+)

  • All benefits and services as outlined at each level below.
  • Recognition (named) as plenary sponsor or FMEC Pre-Conference sponsor.

Platinum Level ($10,000 +)

  • All benefits and services as outlined at each level below.
  • Invitation to special events at the Annual Meeting.
  • FMEC Annual Meeting podium recognition.
  • Access to FMEC staff for training and support in the use of Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, etc.
  • Active promotion of the sponsor’s interests, projects, etc., through FMEC social media.
  • Receive comprehensive on-site leadership training workshop for faculty, residents, and/or students.

Gold Level ($5,000+)

  • Organization may submit articles for the FMEC e-newsletter during the coming year (copy to be provided by the Health System).
  • Organizational fees are waived for the FMEC collaborative projects/learning communities ($500/project)
  • Recognition in the FMEC Annual Report.
  • Employment postings and fellowship opportunities will be promoted.
  • Access to FMEC resources to help promote student interest in Family Medicine. This includes access to presentation by members of the Healthcare Innovators Network
  • Listing on the FMEC website.
  • FMEC Annual Meeting conference program recognition.
  • Listing in FMEC mobile app.
  • Signage at the FMEC Annual Meeting.
  • Exhibitor booth at the Annual Meeting promoting the organization’s services/offerings.