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2015 Annual Report

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Let Us Help You Navigate Your Student Debt

The Family Medicine Education Consortium is pleased to announce a new student loan initiative to deliver expert education and advice regarding loan repayment and forgiveness for members.

When most physicians begin practicing, they’ve incurred steep medical education debt. When they learn about loan relief programs and implement correctly, they reduce a major source of stress and save thousands of dollars on their student loans. They find reprieve through two programs:

  1. Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is a program that allows certain federal student loans to be forgiven after 120 on-time, qualifying monthly payments. Many FMEC members are qualifying employers for PSLF. Do you have federal loans? Is your loan balance equal to or higher than your current salary? If YES, Public Service Loan Forgiveness may be right for you.

  2. Private Student Loan Refinance allows medical borrowers to lower interest rates with a consolidated refinance loan from a private lender. Do you have private loans? Is your interest rate higher than you’d like? If yes, Private Student Loan Refinance may be right for you.

Student loan repayment is complex and time-consuming. To provide our members expert advice, we’ve partnered with Navigate, national experts on physician student loan repayment. FMEC members receive a 40% OFF discount. Whether you have questions about student loan repayment or simply wish to review your current repayment plans, Navigate is a valuable tool.

During a 30-45 minute consultation with Navigate by phone/computer you will:

  • Review your current plan and learn about student loan options.

  • Create a customized analysis, compare estimates and determine your best option.

  • Get an individualized plan with step-by-step instructions for loan consolidation, repayment plan applications, employment certification or private refinance.

  • Plus, receive unlimited follow up for future student loan repayment changes.

The standard price for an attending physician is $1,000 per consultation. The standard price for a resident physician is $500. FMEC discount: $595 for attending physicians and $295 for resident physicians.Satisfaction guaranteed. No charge, if your current plans are ideal.

Individual Consultation: To schedule a time for a confidential consult by phone for the Public Student Loan Forgiveness program, click here to receive your discounted rate.

Health system leaders and residency program leaders: increase recruiting and retention with student loan education. Click here for a Student Loan Relief DEMO to receive a discounted rate.

Questions? Contact Joy by email: or by text: 612-470-3040.

It’s a privilege to provide this new benefit to our members in our effort to support our mission of providing quality healthcare to the patients and communities we serve.