About Us

Products and Services

1) We offer the FMEC Annual Meeting:

  • 450 Family Physicians and 250+ medical students meet for 3 days.
  • The meeting provides a venue for FMEC collaborative projects and leader development.
  • The meeting provides an opportunity for employers seeking to recruit family physicians to meet with 250 residents.
  • The meeting provides companies and foundations an opportunity to connect with the family medicine community in the northeast region of the U.S.

2) We serve as an incubator that creates multi institutional teams that support cost-effective,
quality improvement initiatives, examples include:

a) FMEC IMPLICIT Network: Low Birth Weight/Prematurity Reduction

b) Caring for People with Chronic Conditions as They Approach End of Life

c) FMEC Super Utilizer Learning Community

d) Direct Primary Care National Summit

e) FACTS: Fertility Awareness to Teach the Systems Project

f) Health Professions (HPAC) Pipeline Project

3) We sponsor the Health Care Innovators Network Primary Care Driven Solutions that
improve quality while reducing the cost of care

4) We sponsor awards that recognize Family Medicine writers, activists and leaders

5) We build social networks that strengthen the primary care community

6) We strengthen Family Medicine by serving as a “leader magnet and energizer”